Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts


Honestly Kid,

The whole thing gets me down. The world shows almost no sign of getting better and most of the time we don’t do much in our daily lives to help things in a positive direction.

But that’s not really what bugs me day in day out. It’s that so few of us pay any attention at all to this stuff. Why is it so damn hard to give a damn about anyone else on this world? It’s too easy and probably pretty disingenuous to start claiming that it’s “us versus them” all the time.

I want to give you words of wisdom, to uplift you, to help you through the madness, to help you see that it’s all worth it. That having a good job, a home, and a life of peace and a little comfort is not only a reasonable expectation, but also a responsible one given the state of the world. But I’m not always confident that that’s true.

There’s no security in it. You can still die young and alone. Old and alone. Or just live a predominantly unhappy life. So much of that depends on luck and your personal perception of the natural hardships we all must face in the course of living.

So many people will offer you solutions. As simple or as complex as you desire and on any given day you will find one or the other convincing and attractive. Without knowing it or by clear purposeful decision, you may choose one of these solutions – though when it comes to philosophy, experience and history show that most of us are quite incapable of making a real decision about the way we see the world. It’s cultural and biological conditioning that wins the day. That’s right, most of us can’t even agree on the fundamental nature of the world we live in.

Do our problems begin there or end there? I don’t know. Both.

I wish this were a beautiful poem or sweet song. Even some smooth prose would work. Sorry, I don’t have it and I’m not sure that any truly proficient and pure form of high art wouldn’t obscure the point of one voice crying out from the wilderness of living an adult life to you with a warning and a sincere hope we don’t run blindly into the extinction of humankind.

Meanwhile, I have other problems. And this website, my reflections, and the stories I tell are a quiet way of letting you and a few others (whoever happens upon these pages) in on what I’m seeing and hearing these days in the world around me. Some of these facts aren’t facts at all, some of the fiction not so made up, but everything I write I will endeavor to write truthfully. Maybe when, and if, I reach some conclusion, all of this will help explain why no one is doing any of those big things to repair the big problems of the world and why the so-called little ones seem so damned overwhelming that it’s all we can do to keep brewing the coffee each morning.