Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler


premature fiction

Ass Kicking Eyes

Looking Hernandez in the eyes is taking a risk. Stop there a moment too long and his dark pupils loose mortality on you and kick your ass. For some it is a high cliff, others a predator, and still others simply that knife from their nightmares. He could never intend this. He does not know why he makes people uncomfortable when they look into his eyes. How could he? In fact, he avoided thinking about it until his partner back in San Jose started bragging about it.

So, the kid won’t open the car door for the search. Shit, I’m gettin’ ready to go back to the car to get a crowbar and Hernandez he just stands stock still and locks his ass kickin’ conquistador eyes on the kid. Three seconds later, the little bastard turns off his goddamned stereo, opens the car door and hands me the keys like he was out in front of the Hilton for valet parking. Turns out he had a .45 next to his seat, a .38 in his sock and enough crank in the back to light up half the city.

They were great station house stories, except they never surprised anyone who knew Eduardo Hernandez. They came more as a consolation that he had this effect on everyone. No one, until William, ever tried to figure out why this was so or where that ass kicking look came from.