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by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts

More About Burma

Apropos of my mention of Burma in yesterday’s post, the BBC has a news update about the trial of Burma’s pro-democracy activist Suu Kyi. Looks like a clumsy American with a hallucination problem is going to be responsible for her doing much harder time than her prolonged house arrest.

In other Burma news, an update from EarthRights International landed in my work inbox today pointing to an EarthRights Alumn’s article about the impacts of Russian backed mining interests in Burma on the indigenous population. EarthRights is going about documenting the way the Burmese government pretty much gives foreign interests carte blanche to suck the land dry and/or remove it altogether in exchange for a share of the gross with little or no regard for the local population, the environment, or anything in between. Obviously, none of this is front page news here, but the issues are ongoing and real. eri_12

Perhaps the answer to the UN’s debate over foreign intervention in sovereign countries is that it’s already taking place and we’d do well to control it properly or we’re going to end up with more suffering people and an even messier planet than we already have. Perhaps…