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by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts

Mad Jen

madjenA quick nod to my pal Jen Getzinger.

The WSJ quotes her in a nice piece on Mad Men, her current show.

I’ll admit I was a bit slow to catch on to it, myself. Not for lack of interest, but lack of the other thing: time. I’d caught an episode once or twice (Jen’s TV directorial debut among ’em – pretty brilliant BTW) but didn’t really fall for the show until I dove into the DVDs about a month ago. I’m more than hooked, I’m reeled in and loaded on the boat.

More than a stylishly vivid recreation of of the 60s Mad Ave plastic fantastic lifestyle, the show picks at the whole idea of American advertising – the people, the place, and the not-so-long-ago-or-altered values – to uncover the many and various motives still driving us Americans to keep trying, failing, and (typically only inadvertently) succeeding at personal reinvention.

Kudos Getzinger! I’m itchin’ for season three