Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts

Crude Dystopia

crude_300_250George Orwell would be 106 years old, just a few years shy of today’s old­est man in the world. Quite a bit less than that life­time ago, Orwell fore­saw a world con­trolled by dou­ble-speak­ing oli­garchs who man­u­fac­tured infor­ma­tion, glob­al con­flict, and the war machines to wage it in order to con­trol human beings as resources owing ser­vice and obe­di­ence to the pow­er­ful.

Guess what? It’s a lot like Orwell’s 1984 in Burma/Myanmar. People there are forced to work with­out pay, have their land force­ful­ly tak­en from them with­out rec­om­pense, and are sub­ject to all man­ner of pun­ish­ment for dar­ing to think things should be oth­er­wise.

Two new reports by Earth Rights International detail the extremes we less fur­ry mon­keys can go to when we con­sid­er fel­low humans ‘resources’ rather than con­scious beings with basic rights irre­spec­tive of col­or, cash, ances­try, reli­gion, and/or what-have-you:

Total Impact: The Human Rights, Environmental, and Financial Impacts of Total and Chevron’s Yadana Gas Project in Military-Ruled Burma

Getting it Wrong:
Flawed “Corporate Social Responsibility” and Misrepresentations Surrounding Total and Chevron’s Yadana Gas Pipeline in Military-Ruled Burma (Myanmar)

Don’t have time to delve into the dirt on this? Check out the new movie Crude by Joe Berlinger (the guy behind Brother’s Keeper and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) — com­ing soon to a movie house near you.