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My Head In Paris

Nice Hat Lautrec!

Nice Hat Lautrec!

I confess.

True all week.

My head has been in Paris.

Having to shout across the Atlantic has caused some difficulty being heard (much less hearing), but the sore throat is well worth it. More challenging still: seeing what I was doing each day, where I was going, what I was ‘working on’, what I wore, and what I was feeding the cat.

Navigating Paris with just a head on the other hand wasn’t as challenging as one might first expect. First of all, it’s a city with a great tradition of people who are more head than body, I mean have you seen a picture of Toulouse-Lautrec or even Sartre? These men wore large hats.

For the first few of days, most every day Parisians didn’t pay any heed to my noggin bob-bob-bobbin’ along the Champs-Élyseé or parked in a café chair in St. Germain des Prés. On about the fourth day, someone did mention that my head was blocking her view of the Venus de Milo’s toes, but I rolled to one side and calm returned to the halls of the Louvre.

My body will wing its way to Paris this evening, there to join my head for a relaxing autumnal week in the city of Balzac, Hugo, Sartre, Débord, Picasso, Cocteau, and taking dreams for reality because there you may believe in the reality of your dreams.

Love to hear what I shouldn’t miss or best not bother with…

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  1. Jack » September 25th, 2009

    walking is the thing to do above all