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by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts

Saving the World One Letter At A Time

So, this being Blog Action Day, you’ll find many bloggers going off about slowing down human caused climate change on planet earth. My favorite link so far has to be the one I stumbled upon to Ecofont, a font that slows down the resource drain of printing fonts by excluding itty bitty bits of font information (saving 20% of the ink used to print your words using other fonts). And it’s a damned attractive font too.


WHO gives us the truth about human health and climate change

Of course, we should be asking why are we printing whatever we print anyway? Full confession: I’ve been known to print emails and even web pages. I try not to, but I know I don’t always try hard enough.

Okay, so you figure the planet can go to hell, as long as you have an O2 take you’ll be okay. Guess again. The World Health Organization has some rather disturbing facts about the impacts of climate change on human health.

Take a look at the flow chart WHO put together.