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by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts

Saving the World One Letter At A Time

So, this being Blog Action Day, you’ll find many blog­gers going off about slow­ing down human caused cli­mate change on plan­et earth. My favorite link so far has to be the one I stum­bled upon to Ecofont, a font that slows down the resource drain of print­ing fonts by exclud­ing itty bit­ty bits of font infor­ma­tion (sav­ing 20% of the ink used to print your words using oth­er fonts). And it’s a damned attrac­tive font too.


WHO gives us the truth about human health and cli­mate change

Of course, we should be ask­ing why are we print­ing what­ev­er we print any­way? Full con­fes­sion: I’ve been known to print emails and even web pages. I try not to, but I know I don’t always try hard enough.

Okay, so you fig­ure the plan­et can go to hell, as long as you have an O2 take you’ll be okay. Guess again. The World Health Organization has some rather dis­turb­ing facts about the impacts of cli­mate change on human health.

Take a look at the flow chart WHO put togeth­er.