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by Daniel Damkoehler


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Vitamin D

Beautiful Vitamin D3

Beautiful Vitamin D3

It’s dark out when I wake up and dark out when I return home from work. And it’s cold.

Why am I smiling?

I’ve become a user. A habitual daily user. Such nice tiny white caplets too. They go down easy with breakfast, dinner, or lunch. No ill side effects either.

Vitamin D3.

Watching The Botany of Desire this weekend on PBS, Michael Pollan, et al made it clear to me that we humans are subject to the whims of the natural world not the other way around. A little shot of D3 in the morning can make the dark and drear of early winter feel bearable. Our moods, whims, and even memories serve, distract, or buoy us up at the pleasure of the chemicals in our bodies and brains.

Sure, the intake of information through our sense organs can change our mood, but it does so via chemical impulses (and vice versa).

So, yes, I am a user and so are you.

3 Responses to “Vitamin D”

  1. Michelle McKinney » November 7th, 2009

    Some of the issues around Vitamin D were the lead story in November’s Runners World as well. It makes me feel OK about my morning daily latte!

  2. Suzanne » November 8th, 2009

    What brand do you use?

  3. dandam » November 11th, 2009

    Something called Pure Encapsulations – Laura is our household vitamin maven, so I’m not sure why that brand exactly…