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All About Coffee

My old pal Balzac

My old pal Balzac

Simplebits point­ed me to this great bit about cof­fee on theoatmeal.com. Great graph­ics, fun­ny bits, and edu­ca­tion­al too.

I’ve been cut­ting back on my cof­fee drink­ing for the last few months — switched to green tea, which isn’t quite the rush, but keeps the caf­feine with­draw­al at bay. Without the med­ical evi­dence we have now, I’d prob­a­bly go out with a 16 cup a day habit like my old pal Balzac.

Sure he kicked it (you know, ‘the’ buck­et) when he was 51, but count up the vol­umes of his work in any decent library and you’ll know he did­n’t sleep much either. The man lived! And he lived on cof­fee!

I’ll be in New York for the next few days and I’m look­ing for­ward to slid­ing off the wag­on and into a steady stream of dou­ble shots no milk no sug­ar. That’s liv­ing, I tell you… that’s liv­ing…