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All About Coffee

My old pal Balzac

My old pal Balzac

Simplebits pointed me to this great bit about coffee on theoatmeal.com. Great graphics, funny bits, and educational too.

I’ve been cutting back on my coffee drinking for the last few months – switched to green tea, which isn’t quite the rush, but keeps the caffeine withdrawal at bay. Without the medical evidence we have now, I’d probably go out with a 16 cup a day habit like my old pal Balzac.

Sure he kicked it (you know, ‘the’ bucket) when he was 51, but count up the volumes of his work in any decent library and you’ll know he didn’t sleep much either. The man lived! And he lived on coffee!

I’ll be in New York for the next few days and I’m looking forward to sliding off the wagon and into a steady stream of double shots no milk no sugar. That’s living, I tell you… that’s living…