Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts


Red is my favorite color. Always has been. It’s the color I most often see when I close my eyes and the color I most often want to see. Red.

This weekend I made some minor tweaks to this site’s theme that felt long overdue:

  • Tweaked the fonts using TypeKit – a nifty new gizmo that helps you increase your options for real fonts on the web – it has some quirks, but overall I like the new text font – Le Monde Sans  Update: Don’t like the way the fonts render on PC in any browser and noticing inconsistencies I don’t want to “live with” on Mac as well. So long (for now), TypeKit. I’m thinking your fonts are best used for heading text where the increased size allows for a bit better quality in rendering.
  • I just couldn’t bring myself to give up Courier for the main heading fonts. I’ve come to love this font. Look at it. Clear serif goodness. Bow down before the archetype of your kind all you other fonts. Bow, I tell you.
  • Inspired by a book by Dan Cedarholm I read last fall, I started playing with CSS3 – if you’re using a modern browser, that is, anything other than IE6 or IE7, you’ll see a nice little shadow/glow along the border of the main content area. Used to be that kind of thing required annoying image work which increased the memory overhead of your site and was just generally inelegant. Now, thanks to the wonders of CSS3, I did with one line of code. I’ll plan to play with a few of the other nifty new treats that CSS3 offers. “But wait you can’t see that in IE6 or IE7,” you may ask, “shouldn’t a website look the same in every browser?” Answer.
  • Changed the background to Red Wonderful Red – Many thanks to Net Tuts’ recent feature on great red web designsfor a great sampling of different reds

It’s funny. I’ve been meaning to make these tweaks for a long time (6 or more months). They only took about 15 or maybe 20 minutes of my time. The question I leave with you is why did I put this off for so long?