Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler


2nd thoughts


Red is my favorite col­or. Always has been. It’s the col­or I most often see when I close my eyes and the col­or I most often want to see. Red.

This week­end I made some minor tweaks to this site’s theme that felt long over­due:

  • Tweaked the fonts using TypeKit — a nifty new giz­mo that helps you increase your options for real fonts on the web — it has some quirks, but over­all I like the new text font — Le Monde Sans  Update: Don’t like the way the fonts ren­der on PC in any brows­er and notic­ing incon­sis­ten­cies I don’t want to “live with” on Mac as well. So long (for now), TypeKit. I’m think­ing your fonts are best used for head­ing text where the increased size allows for a bit bet­ter qual­i­ty in ren­der­ing.
  • I just could­n’t bring myself to give up Courier for the main head­ing fonts. I’ve come to love this font. Look at it. Clear serif good­ness. Bow down before the arche­type of your kind all you oth­er fonts. Bow, I tell you.
  • Inspired by a book by Dan Cedarholm I read last fall, I start­ed play­ing with CSS3 — if you’re using a mod­ern brows­er, that is, any­thing oth­er than IE6 or IE7, you’ll see a nice lit­tle shadow/glow along the bor­der of the main con­tent area. Used to be that kind of thing required annoy­ing image work which increased the mem­o­ry over­head of your site and was just gen­er­al­ly inel­e­gant. Now, thanks to the won­ders of CSS3, I did with one line of code. I’ll plan to play with a few of the oth­er nifty new treats that CSS3 offers. “But wait you can’t see that in IE6 or IE7,” you may ask, “should­n’t a web­site look the same in every brows­er?” Answer.
  • Changed the back­ground to Red Wonderful Red — Many thanks to Net Tuts’ recent fea­ture on great red web designsfor a great sam­pling of dif­fer­ent reds

It’s fun­ny. I’ve been mean­ing to make these tweaks for a long time (6 or more months). They only took about 15 or maybe 20 min­utes of my time. The ques­tion I leave with you is why did I put this off for so long?