Honestly Kid

by Daniel Damkoehler



Honestly Kid began as a work of seri­al­ized fic­tion in blog form. As of July 2009, it holds more than that sin­gle sto­ry about a fic­tion­al town in California called Brenlee. The Prologue to that work serves as a pro­logue to all of this site, so feel to read it if you want to know more about what I’m up to. For more (slight­ly) prac­ti­cal info, keep read­ing this page.

The Brenlee Story is not yet com­plete, but you can read what there is in the Premature Fiction sec­tion of this site (Parts 1, 2, and 3).  I used the blog for­mat in hopes of attract­ing read­ers to my work and as a way to stay on task as a writer — writ­ing each day with an audi­ence (of friends and friends of friends, at least) in mind.  Some entries read­ers will prob­a­bly under­stand and appre­ci­ate with­out hav­ing read those that pre­ced­ed it, oth­ers will require a lit­tle dig­ging through the archive. Wherever pos­si­ble I includ­ed links to pre­vi­ous posts, so that read­ers can sim­ply (if not quick­ly) get the back­ground on char­ac­ters or events rel­e­vant to the larg­er sto­ry. As life and earn­ing a liv­ing encroached on my time and as I, frankly, grew a bit dis­cour­aged at ever fin­ish­ing, I even­tu­al­ly stopped post­ing.

Over a year after my last fic­tion post, I revived the site to include more than just that sin­gle seri­al­ized sto­ry. Though, I do intend to con­tin­ue The Brenlee Story, I also have oth­er work (fic­tion & non­fic­tion), links, and ideas I’d like to share. I hope you’ll read and respond.